Program Preview

Word Intelligence provides a wealth of resources to teach vocabulary through a combination of explicit teaching of specific academic words and instruction in the use of context clues and morphemic analysis.

Two Editions Available: World and U.S.

Each edition introduces students to 450 academic content words and is appropriate for students in grades 6–9. Students may benefit from using the program for two years and covering both editions. Word Intelligence is not intended to replace students’ grade-level history curriculum but can provide added support to it.

The editions may be used interchangeably, in conjunction with students’ grade-level history curriculum.

Program Contents

Each edition of Word Intelligence includes a three-volume set of materials. Each set contains 13 units: 9 instructional units, 3 review units, and a two-week orientation unit.

The following components are included in each edition of Word Intelligence.

Teacher Guides

The Teacher Guides provide instructions for program delivery. They include all resources to be used and all lessons and sequences of instruction.

Teacher Resources DVDs

The Teacher Resources DVDs (included in the Teacher Guides) contain handouts, images, and blackline materials to be used with SMART Boards, overheads, or other presentation tools. They also contain tests to assess student gains.

Student Notebooks

The consumable Student Notebooks are the vehicle for guided and independent practice and follow the Teacher Guides. They contain the words, their explanations, and context sentences, as well as all the text passages, learning activities, and Home Study assignments.

Instructional Routines DVDs

The Instructional Routines DVDs feature video models of teachers in action and can be used to review routines and support effective program implementation.

Technological Enhancement

Technological enhancements to support students and teachers are available through the Resources portal for both students and teachers.