CORE offers a series of four webinars that provide training on almost every aspect of the Word Intelligence curriculum. For schools and districts with multiple teachers using Word Intelligence, we are often able to provide live webinars at a time when all your teachers can meet and practice together. For individual users, we recommend viewing an archived webinar. Contact CORE for more information or to set up a time for a live webinar.

Introduction to Word Intelligence Webinar

  • A general overview of the program
  • Rationale and design of the curriculum
  • Description of major components, including classroom video
  • 60 minutes in length

This recently archived webinar provides a general introduction to the full Word Intelligence program. It describes the basis for its development and the research study responsible for the creation of Word Intelligence. Viewers will have a chance to explore the major features of the curriculum and view several sample lessons. As you watch this webinar, be sure to have either a Teacher Guide OR a copy of our Word Intelligence Sampler, which you can download here.

View the Webinar

Unit 1: Orientation Webinar

  • Dictionary use
  • Morphemic analysis
  • Word families
  • Contextual analysis
  • Four videos of a classroom teacher presenting lessons from Unit 1
  • 75 minutes in length

Specific Word Instruction: Teaching Units 2-4 and Beyond Webinar

  • Units 2-4 instruction and routines
  • Active engagement
  • Supports for English learners
  • Ways to foster reading comprehension
  • Techniques for providing corrective feedback
  • 90 minutes in length

Assessment, Review, Word Consciousness, and Program Management Webinar

  • Assessment design
  • Recommendations for data analysis and tracking
  • Review units (5, 9, and 13)
  • Writing activities
  • Optional activities to build word consciousness:
    • Word Quest
    • Be a Word Detective
  • Program management:
    • Pacing
    • HomeStudy
    • Grading